jerry jeff articles

A copy of the Fall 1989 Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine. Great interview.
A copy of the March 1978 Country Music magazine. Text here.
June 1976 issue of Texas Music. Article on "The New Jerry Jeff Walker?" Text here.
August 31, 1987 issue of People. Article on the "couple" Jerry Jeff and Susan. Text here.
April 1975 Country Music magazine article on Jerry Jeff's wedding. Text here.
December 19, 1974 issue of Rolling Stone with "bad-boy '70's" Jerry Jeff. Text here.
October 7, 1976 issue of Country Rambler Magazine, "JERRY JEFF WALKER Hell Raiser Between Rounds". Text here.
March 1980 issue of CountryStyle Magazine, "'Mr. Bojangles' Battles Hollyweird". Text here.
November / December 1994 Country Music magazine 20 questions with Jerry Jeff. Text here.
December 1998 issue of American Cowboy magazine, "JERRY JEFF WALKER Far and Away, at Home". Text here.
Part Two of the Texas Music Magazine article on Jerry Jeff from the July/August 1976 issue. Article on "The New Jerry Jeff Walker? Part II" Text here.
Surprising? Jerry Jeff featured in Running magazine article in April 1982. Text here.
Jerry Jeff article in Nite Moves magazine - a Canadian publication- in August 1989. Text here.